French. Software engineer, climber, spontaneously crazy and joyful. I am interested in algorithmics, 3D engines, image processing, language design and education.

When I am not coding, you can find me at the pub with good friends, or at the top of a route in my local climbing gym.

Bentley Systems

I am currently holding an Associate Software Engineer position at Bentley Systems, in Paris office. As a part of the on-boarding program, I am switching team within Bentley every 6 months, working in turns on reality modeling projects, 3D rendering softwares and user interfaces, in C++ or C#.

Teaching assistant

At EPITA, in addition to my Multimedia and Development major and related school projects, I was one of a team of 39 teaching assistants. We were a group of 5th year students, teaching C++, Java and C to 3rd year students. We were responsible for writing all the projects and practicals they had to do and help them when they needed it.

Talks and student organization

I have been president of the student organization GConfs during two years, whithin which I gave several tech talks. All my talks are available in this YouTube playlist.

During 2 days in September 2017, I was responsible with other members of my organization of the recording and streaming of 35 talks at EuroBSDcon 2017. You can watch all of them on GConfs' YouTube channel.

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